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Hayden's first impression of 'SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear'

March 13, 2017 1 Comment

Hayden's first impression of 'SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear'

8.88KM SKINNERS Test Run done ! Huat aH!
Ok here we go! Met Bro Sa Tay this morning for a run with our Skinners Ultra Portable Footwear ( barefoot socks) with Silver (Ag) at Park Bi-shan.
Put the Skinners on and off we went.
Skinners fitted really well, snug with good ample "toe box" (wide enough) and allows my toes to spread each time we land. Superb! I really disliked footwear that restricted toes and this was not the case!
Skinners Barefoot socks was really soft and really come close to feeling nothing, literally like running barefooted.
The soles were soft and waterproofed, no worries going through puddles of water along the way.
The rubber granules at the sole provided good traction and protection. We ran over pebbles, twigs, small stones etc without any discomfort!
As we jogged and chatted along the way, I really felt free despite having Skinners on my feet.
The upper mesh was well ventilated and didn't trap heat. The 8.88KM completed!
Overall, #skinners had passed my test with flying Colours. Will continue to utilise it to test the mileage this Skinners Barefoot Socks have to offer! Stay tuned! 😉👍🏻
Thanks to #runminimal for allowing us to trial this new release!

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SKINNERS Singapore barefoot socks

SKINNERS Singapore barefoot running

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July 29, 2018

How to choose the size of this socks compared to running shoes? Will the socks become bigger after few runs?

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